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NGO Life Together

Well established Czech NGO (non-governmental, non profit organization) based in the post-industrial town of Ostrava with its substantial Roma population. We promote the well-being of the Roma community within the Czech Republic, help people from socially excluded background. We also improve relations between the Roma community and the institutions of the Czech state and regional government, and the officials of these institutions.

Life Together grew out of volunteer efforts to overcome the aftermaths of serious 1997 floods which left behind a torn social-fabric of Czech-Roma relations in Ostrava. It is a Czech-Roma organisation with 46 employees, about half Roma from the marginalised background and half Czechs.

We focus on most serious issues in Roma neighbourhoods - including field social work, community development efforts especially in accessing quality housing, social and legal consultancy, conflict resolution, training programmes for mothers/parents to be empowered to support their children at school, support for adult Roma (to complete secondary schooling and find employment), 3 Roma Community Centres (leisure activities for children, youth and adults), confidence building projects (to change police-Roma distrust, bring the police to provide equal treatment to all victims of crime irrespective of their ethnicity, to improve prison conditions), human rights work (to end the segregated schooling Roma children as we are a member of the Coalition Let’s go to school together which stands out for equal opportunities for Roma children at primary schools, to obtain apologies for the Roma women who are victims of coercive sterilization, to bring an end to the excessive removal of children from their parents to institutional care for the sole reason of poverty, to stop the municipal deportations of Roma families to other localities.

This day-to-day contact with the socially marginalised Roma children and families, our experience and long-term cooperation with them is our primary competence and asset that we bring to the project. Life together has substantial experience of participating in EU funded initiatives, including trans-national ones.




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