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National Methodologies for Monitoring the Plans on Education within the National Strategies for Roma

The Methodologies are documents prepared in the framework of the DARE-Net project, which include a set of indicators and a methodology for monitoring the plans on education within the National Strategies for Roma Inclusion. The indicators and methodology for monitoring the implementation of the national plan on education, within the National Strategies for Roma, represent a tool which can be used by civil society organizations for the following 10 years, during which the National Strategy has to be implemented.
The aim of this methodology and indicators is to facilitate that all NGOs working in the EU member states, active on the Roma issue, use it to elaborate annual shadow reports, until 2020, on the implementation of the education plans.


Each DARE Net partner has developed a national methodology, adapted to national contexts. The documents are available as folllows:


Bulgaria English: (PDF)

Bulgarian: (PDF)


Czech Republic English: (PDF)

Czech: (PDF)


Greece English: (PDF) and (PDF)

Greek: (PDF) and (PDF)


Hungary English: (PDF)

Hungarian: (PDF)


Romania English: (PDF)

Romanian: (PDF)



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